Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been spending a lot of time lately running around to doctors. I have been having hip pain since Christmas. As a retired nurse, I am a terrible patient and hate going to the doctor. The pain finally got so bad that I decided to see my
Chiropractor. He did some adjustments and has been hooking me up to electrodes for a couple of weeks. Sent me for some x-rays and they couldn't decide if I had a hairline fracture of my hip.
Yesterday I want to the orthopedist and he took more x-rays which were inconclusive and sent me for a CAT Scan. I was happy to hear that it was negative. Now he is planning an MRI of my spine. I have Osteoporosis and scoleosis, so I know that isn't going to come out great.
Did I mention that I hate going to the doctor?

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